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The spring breeze turned positive and brushed across the land in mid-April.


I don t know whose hand was waving, blowing the sleeves to make this poetic relaxation; the wind rolled up, the heavy mountains undulated and the layers of green ripples merged into the mountains and lakes, breaking the barriers of winter.


I opened the window and cut the silent wind, sniffing, it was the smell of late spring and peach and plum.  This is probably the most representative taste of Teensen in mid-April.



Anonymous-Teaching students with all life diligent and hardworking.  Mentioning the teachers of Teensen, the most distinctive one is Teacher Zhang Xiaoxue, Xue.I have always called her a straight female northeastern physics teacher . Although the height of her is not very high as other northeastern people, at least the rich accent echoing in Teensen can make you wonder and doubt. Long tan hair is often worn on a dark windbreaker, and sometimes meeting her in a printed skirt with a pair of light-colored simple women s nude shoes, but this is often seen only in summer. Yes, she likes the sun, especially the warm sun, scattering softly on her shoulders, and drilling into her arms along the woolen thread, which is indeed a comfortable and relaxing thing.  And what I like most is the sun in the middle of April in the old campus. The horizon seems to be lower than at any time at this time. More sunlight is thrown into the classroom. I also thought of inviting her to feel it, but in this season of the exam preparation, she rarely goes to bask in the sun.



In addition to the tender red sun in April, there is also a heart that cares. No matter in the classrooms or in the offices, the rhythm of the entire Teensen is fast but smooth with the axis of the scrolling in the printer, and the helmsman who holds our physical ship behind us is Mrs. Xiao Xue.  I have thought of many gorgeous words to describe her, writing at the table fast and treating everybody with sincerity, but I think it is more powerful than a simple word: kindness.  The classmates may have many thoughts, but she can send her concerns in time. Maybe we will write homework late, but she may still be ready to sleep even ater.  I remembered the latest ot, the end time was after 11 pm. Every time I finished my tutoring with Xiaoxue, my heart was always very solid. It was a sense of satisfaction, and it also was a moment when you feel someone was standing behind and supporting you.  But after that time, in addition to being relieved, I was also moved. After all, there is no one who was born to do for others, and what she did is just to make the students better and better.


The smile on her face is rarely reserved for herself; the moments in her wechat she sends is rarely about herself. The students are like strings, she will play them carefully and play a piece of music that represents herself and Teensen.  Clear and melodious, there are no complicated variations. What remains is a quiet melody, which lays out a map of the moon and night.  The beating in the paper is always those few students she cares about. And that is the most touching moment for her as a teacher of Teensen.



I think it s time to end.  This mid-April night was windless and rainless, the moonlight fell on each branch, climbed up each leaf along the branch, and the veins grew quietly around, covering the immature half-open flowers. The sound of the car door closing downstairs awakened the birds that lived in the trees. There were several lights in different styles scattering in each building, and also some short-sleeved shirts and trousers were hanging outside the window, waiting to be dried.  Beside, there is a shallow water on the ground reflecting the figure of the moon. The night is surprisingly silent, summer is catching up with Spring here already. Every frame is like a faded old photo.


May you stay cool and refreshing all the time in this early summer ...


撰写:Demitry  徐功勋

编辑:Wendy  贾西贝

翻译:Daisy  周  萍

朗读:Demitry  徐功勋

 Mia  闵熙若

主编:Jane  肖  依

总编:Johnson  张世霖

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